About Miami Gardens Restoration Expert - Miami Gardens, FL


Who we are?

Miami Gardens Restoration Expert Miami Gardens, FL 786-349-3023Miami Gardens Restoration Expert is a premier agency rendering strategic solutions for damage mitigation, restoration, reconstruction and remodeling. With a clientele list that includes renowned commercial offices, institutions, and residential spaces in Miami Gardens, FL area, we’ve become the leading choice for reliable, prompt, and affordable services. Today, our service portfolio stretches from water leak detection right up to full scale construction. Whether it’s flood, fire or mold damage, there’s nothing we can’t undo and no solution we can’t render, making our number 786-349-3023 the one-stop port of call for the local community.

Our dream:

Starting out over two decades ago, we had very few resources yet major ambitions. We wanted to become the number one damage restoration company in the area. While there wasn’t a dearth of choices, clients always had to pick between ‘bad’ and ‘mediocre’. The lack of credible services and the higher costs people had to bear as a result was something we wanted to alter, bringing change in the way things were run in the industry.

How did we plan to achieve it?

Success is a parameter that’s not standalone, but is rather comprised of multiple facets that work together towards a greater goal. We wanted to become number one in Miami Gardens, FL area. Here’s how we went about the process:

  • Hiring the best team:

The people who represent us are those who define us – and we didn’t want to make any compromises on that! We needed skill, but not just any skill; we were looking for extraordinary skill sets, preferably those who were stalwarts in the field. Their industry expertise combined with the training sessions we provided made them the best.

  • Buying top-notch equipment:

A job that can be done in hours with a crude tool may take only minutes with the right equipment. That’s why, we left no stone unturned in buying the most advanced and sophisticated tools and machinery and kept updating it with latest releases in the market.  We didn’t shy away from investing in top-end dryers, blowers, air movers, acoustic equipment, thermal imaging cameras and more.

  • Setting up mobile services:

To facilitate movement and to cut down our response time, we knew we needed a mode of transport. We made big-time investments in procuring a fleet of vans, trucks and trailers, and stocked them up with necessary tools and materials, thus allowing easy dispatch upon receipt of service request by our clients.

Where we are today?

We’ve gone the extra mile for the Miami Gardens, FL area, and today, we’re the pinnacle of excellence, owning an extensive network of workshops across the region.  We’ve grown in numbers, and now boast of a huge team of skilled experts specializing in their respective domains. Our inventory is loaded with the most technologically-advanced equipment and high-quality materials for superior service delivery. We’ve also expanded our mobile fleet and have successfully managed to cut down response times to a mere 30 minutes. This and more, makes Miami Gardens Restoration Expert the fastest, most credible, and efficient damage restoration expert in the area, living up to the dreams we once nurtured.

Hit by a flood? Did a fire burn out your property? Reach out to us on 786-349-3023!