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Miami Gardens Restoration Expert Miami Gardens, FL 786-349-3023There are some seemingly harmless issues that you’re likely to ignore that can cause a great deal of damage, although at a slower rate. Yes, we’re talking about water damage. Leaking pipes or overflowing toilets can result in your property taking a huge blow. Prompt action is necessary – and that’s where we come in! Being a renowned water damage restoration company in Miami Gardens, FL area, Miami Gardens Restoration Expert can arrive at your place in quick time, set up appropriate remedial measures and fix the damage done, thus restoring your property to its pre-damage state. All it takes is one phone call to 786-349-3023 and you’ll find all the solutions to your problems.

Types of water damage you may face:

Overflow and discharge:

This is the most common types of water damage you may encounter and involves overflowing bathtubs, washing machines or leaking outlets and pipes. For instance, your sprinkler system may have given away and might be spraying water internally damaging your roof or your water heater may malfunction suddenly discharging water. The longer the issue remains unresolved, the greater the damage done as moist areas may lead to mold formation in addition to softening wood and causing paint to crack and peel.

  • What we do?

First, we begin with identifying the source of the water damage. Some leaks may be hidden, so we bring out our thermal imaging cameras and acoustic equipment to identify where the problem lies. Once we know where the discharge lies, we fix it and then dry your property using advanced dryers and humidifiers.  Any signs of mold are eliminated and the property is decontaminated. We also carry out restoration work, if the damage is extensive.

Sewage backup

This happens when water comes up or is pushed out into your home, via the pipes from your drainage systems. Contaminated with disease-causing bacteria and microbes, this is the most dangerous type of water damage you can encounter which can not only impact your health but also inflict damage on your personal property.

  • What we do?

To address the issue, we first need to identify where exactly the issue lies. Your sewer system could have aged and require an update or it’s possible that the pipes are blocked by debris or sudden water flow that may cause a backup. Tree roots can also find their way into the lines causing a blockage. Our experts trace out your pipe lines, and figure out where the problem lies, following which the water is extracted, the property dried and decontaminated with special chemicals.

Flood damage:

Perhaps the worst forms of water damage your property in Miami Gardens, FL area can arise from floods, manmade and otherwise. Finding your property feet deep in possibly contaminated water, may seem like a massive blow, however, if prompt remediation is availed, the damage can be stemmed to an extent.

  • What we do?

After assessing the damage, Miami Gardens Restoration Expert brings out water extraction units to pump out the stagnant water from your property and then subject it to an extensive drying process. Once the property is dried up, we treat the floors, walls and items with special chemicals to remove contamination. We also try to salvage any items, such as your furniture and carpets that may have taken a hit in the floods.

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