Miami Gardens Restoration Expert - Water Leaks Detection


Miami Gardens Restoration Expert Miami Gardens, FL 786-349-3023Leaks are pretty common in old homes that are on the brink of falling apart on their seams. But did you know that you could be harboring one even if your piping is brand new? Disjointed connections or a rupture in the system could result in water wastage. But that’s not the worst part! Unknown to you, water might drip onto your building materials, and slowly degrade the essence of what holds it together. Such damp environments also become a breeding ground for hazardous mold and bacteria. The real problem lies in lack of foresight on the issue, causing several property owners to bear heavy water bills and become an unwilling participant in wasting nature’s precious resource. This is why you need Miami Gardens Restoration Expert, the leading water leak detection company by your side, so that no leak goes unspotted! We detect leaks the fastest in Miami Gardens, FL area.

Restore water service in an emergency

In some cases, a broken water line to your property can completely cut off the water supply. During such emergencies, give us a call on 786-349-3023 and our leak detection experts will arrive in less than 30 minutes to help locate the exact point of breakage. This is done with the help of advanced acoustic equipment that picks up sound from underground and helps us narrow down the location, thus eliminating guesswork from the picture.

Save money through timely detection

Even a small leak, such as a faucet dripping or a piping rupture, although seemingly harmless, may add on to your water bills when it’s left unchecked for an extended period of time.  If your water bills are unusually high, reach out to Miami Gardens Restoration Expert and we’ll bring out our high-end thermal imaging cameras to figure out exactly where the problem lies without having to break down your walls or tear up the floors.

Limiting the damage and restoration

Water leaks can cause substantial damage, and can often go unnoticed, until they throw up major issues later on. From leading to mold formation to causing paint or wallpaper to peel off, there’s a lot of damage your property can take, if water leaks are left to grow. However, you can count on us to detect the leak, fix it, dry up your property, remove any mold and restore all the damage done to your property, so that it looks as good as new again.

Setting up preventive measures:

It’s better to prevent something from ever happening than finding a cure for it in retrospect. Taking an extra step or two can help minimize losses incurred at a later point of time. This could be something as simple changing a rusted pipeline to installing advanced leak detection systems. You can either setup passive systems that can set off an alarm when a leak is detected or opt in for a high-end active leak detection system that has mechanisms for shut-off integrated into it.

Annual leak Inspection

It’s advisable to be on the safer side, and get water lines, valves and hydrants checked on from time to time. Sign up for annual inspections with us, and we’ll send out a team to your property in Miami Gardens, FL area, to ensure the systems are operating without a hitch. In case problems are detected, we can fix it up before it blows out of proportions.

If there’s a hidden water leak, we can unearth it! Call us now on 786-349-3023!