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A jewel in the crown of Florida is the Miami-Dade County. Blessed with some of the most exquisite treasures of nature – lush green landscapes, gleaming beaches and a temperate weather which lasts the entire year, there isn’t much more you would ask for if you are in Miami-Dade County. The commercialization and industrial development in the region is also par excellence, and it boasts of one of the most enviable night life in the whole of the country.  Henry Flagler’s decision of bringing the Palm Beach railway line to Miami Dade was the initiation of the county’s development, and since then, there has been no looking back.

Miami-Dade: Its tragic magic

Despite being the sweet paradise that it seems, the harsh reality is that it sits in the mouth of Nature’s wrath and is susceptible to a lot of storms and dangerous hurricanes. The region is barely six feet above sea level, which makes flooding quite commonplace in the event of a storm or hurricane. This is why the local authorities have set up powerful pumps to flush out water before it can cause widespread flooding. However, that still doesn’t guarantee foolproof security against nature’s devastation.

When Hurricane Katrina struck the region back in 2005, it came as a surprise to the local authorities since all the meteorological information signaled that the storm was getting weaker as it reached the shores of Miami-Dade County. What started post this was days of devastation which wiped out almost $10 million worth of property and caused a blackout in a majority of homes/offices.

The beacon of hope:

While the relief effort saw the local authorities putting in efforts into rescuing people, there was another support base working alongside – Miami Gardens Restoration Expert - the most prominent disaster remediation company. The 2017 hurricane Irma and the disaster that came in 2005 in the form of Wilma stand testament to this dedication of ours. When Wilma struck, it got almost 98% of the population disconnected from the power grid, and this is where we came to their aid, with our back-up generators powering our equipment. Through our persistent efforts, we have proven to be the most dependable remediation service in Miami-Dade County, time and again.

Driven by the commitment to serve:

These unfortunate times saw most of the remediation services either shy away from the responsibility, or wilt under the pressure of the numerous client calls for help. However, we stood apart from the crowd and came in to the rescue of even the most remotely located clients. Our experience has taught us to be prompt and remediate the damage effectively, lest it turns into bigger problems.

Natural disasters aside, it is also crucial that even small water leaks or fires in homes are not neglected, because they can cause irreparable damage to the house and your belongings. Call us on 786-349-3023 and we will be of assistance to you in such situations.

Services we deliver:

Miami Gardens, FL, Coral Gables, FL, Hialeah, FL, Homestead, FL, Key Biscayne, FL, Miami, FL, Miami Beach, FL, North Miami Beach, FL

  • Disaster relief services round the clockMiami Gardens Restoration Expert Miami Gardens, FL 786-349-3023
  • Restoration post water leaks/ flood damage
  • Clean-up post fire damage
  • Debris Removal
  • Remediation of mold and organic growth
  • Sterilization and decontamination of the facility
  • Damaged property reconstruction and redesign
  • Remodeling services for your property

786-349-3023 is one number you can trust to answer your call 24/7. So, if you’re in need of damage restoration, you know where to call!